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Hi and welcome to Speech N’ Teach Apps!  A place where you can gather information on an app before you purchase it.  Here at Speech N’ Teach Apps  we like to provide you with the following information.  First, we go through a review process.  Here,  you can find how aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly, and how the app will function.  Next, we touch on educational aspects.  In this portion you can figure out what you will use the app for.  Lastly, we do a teaching section.  In the teaching section you will either see us working one-on-one with a client in a speech setting or we will be showing step-by-step how to use the app.

To find the reviews and teaching portion on this website click on the heading “Review/Teach” on the toolbar.  Once you’re in the review and teaching section you will see the showcased apps.  They are also organized by categories listed under “categories” on the page.

We hope all this information provides you with a solution on whether or not an app is right for you.  Follow us here on the website and every time we put up a new post on an app you will be emailed.  You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.

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Twitter- @speechnteachapp

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