Welcome to Speech N’ Teach Apps!

This is my first official post and I just wanted to give a basic summary of what to expect.

1. Twice a month, I will be picking one app from the App Store to review and try out in depth.

2. I will then be teaching how to incorporate the app from an educational/speech related standpoint to use in every day play on the iPad.

To start, I would like to get people’s feedback on the apps we review and teach.  So, on the weeks where we do not release a new app, I would like people to discuss that app and post questions they may have.  Or if you have any app suggestions of an app you would like us to review and teach, this is a good time to post that in the “App suggestions” section.

Simple, easy, and to the point!

Stay tuned for Speech N’ Teach Apps official launch date.

4 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. This sounds great. I started my blog for similar reasons. I’m no longer teaching, but I used to work with Assistive Technology as an Education Advisor (and worked with lots of speech therapists too.) Now I’m a stay-at-home-Mum, I get asked a lot about which Apps to use on iPads and iPhones. It will be great to see the speech therapy perspective. I’m really looking forward to your posts.

    • Thanks for the kind words! I am really excited about doing this and love reviewing the apps. I am glad you found my page and am following Speech N’ Teach Apps. It’s nice to get feedback from other people who are doing similar things or just exchange ideas and information. I look forward to checking out your content as well.

  2. This is an excellent collaboration tool for professionals to find new effective apps to work with. I look forward to reading your app reviews.

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