Speech N’ Teach Apps was started due to the high volume of questions I was receiving from parents, therapists, and other educators about what apps they should download in the App Store. I spend a lot of time every week reading, reviewing, and downloading apps to use in my profession (clinic based speech therapy).  Although the App Store is impressive with the 500,000 apps and growing, it is still impractical when it comes to determining whether or not an app is “worth purchasing.”   I was quite surprised the first time I did a search looking for a basic review of apps.  I could not find a website that was user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and laid out in a simple yet logical order where I could get thorough information on an app.  That was when the idea of Speech N’ Teach Apps was born and I started to create this website.

What is Speech N’ Teach Apps?

Speech N’ Teach Apps is a simple user-friendly approach used to review and teach speech and educational based apps.

How is it different from other “review” websites?

Simple, Speech N’ Teach Apps is based off the principal of simplicity. It focuses on one aspect…reviewing apps and teaching how to use them across multiple environments!

My Mission

To educate the public and bring forth solid, multi-purpose, exceptional apps that otherwise get lost among the thousands of apps in the App Store.  This website’s purpose is to empower people (of all ages) to get the most out of their app purchases and understand how to use them as a therapist would in a therapy setting.

My Promise

If an app is showcased on this webpage it means the following: It has been researched, reviewed,  and utilized with clients in a therapy setting.

It is important for me to state that I am in no way affiliated with Apple, the App Store, or any apps shown on this site.

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