App suggestions

On this page you can post app suggestions that you want us to review/teach on the site.  For example, if you have been looking at an app, but maybe don’t want to purchase it yet because you’re not sure what you would use it for or maybe the price is holding you back from purchasing it, let us know!  We will take your suggestions and look into it.

3 thoughts on “App suggestions

  1. Hi, friends of mine use PECS with one of their boys and have had a lot of success. They are interested to know about this App – “Grace – Picture Exchange for Non-Verbal People”. Just wondering if you or any of your colleagues had seen it. I have only read a couple of user reviews in the iTunes store and I don’t think I’m the best person to be advising on it. Bearing in mind that my friends are well-trained with PECS and have been using it for years, it would be interesting to know if the App might be a useful thing for them.

    • Hi Sarah, this is Lisamaree from Grace App. It is purely a pecs app designed to continue prompting and developing independent communication using pictures. If someone is fluent at pecs, I suggest they try Grace App at Phase 4 when the vocabulary grows.

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